Frontier Education is teaming up with Quinci Emporium of Columbus, Ohio to bring you a unique and delectable experience in Tuscany. Join Deborah Quinci, chef and food connoisseur, for a series of master classes on regional Italian cuisine. On this trip we will cook together, see the sights, and delight our senses in all that Italy has to offer. 

Application Deadline 

July 30th, 2017

Program Dates

October 8th - 14th 2017

How to Apply: 

Contact Giuliana Marple -


Program leader - Deborah Quinci

"Growing up in Italy, I was surrounded by beautiful and delicious food. This gave me a unique perspective and instilled in me a passion for food which continues today. I spend much of my time researching new products and techniques and developing new recipes to better myself and to inform and excite people about new flavors. Since 1994, I have owned a catering, event planning, food styling, and cooking instruction business, specializing in small gatherings and in-home parties featuring gourmet Italian cuisine. I am now the proud owner of Quinci Emporium in Columbus, a dream come true.

I believe food is about culture, and culture is about food. I believe what we eat, and how we eat, says so much about who we are, that tastes evolve and traditions form all because of bites we consume."